Hailey Lee

Hailey's journey started about 6 years ago when she came to Canada to learn English and later studied in illustration in Sheridan. She enjoyed designing illustrative style of work as a designer. She says herself that she is cool and we agree, adding that she's pretty darn talented.

jessica channer

Jessica has been tattooing since 2015 when she decided to make the switch from animation to tattoos.  She has a strong love for anything cartoon or video game related, and enjoys tattooing with bold lines and bright colours.  Her favourite subjects are flowers, animals and anything Disney or anime!  She may also be the most badass baker and lover of dogs we've ever known!



Yusun joined the Tattoo People family in 2016 as an apprentice. A fashion design graduate from Ryerson University, and she is now pursuing and learning the art of tattooing.  If you haven't noticed - She loves drawing hands.