our philosophy

We are among the luckiest people in the world.  we are passionate about our work and so grateful for the opportunity to work with our clients one on one to create such important pieces of art that will stay with you forever. it is our belief that getting a tattoo is as much about the EXPERIENCE as it is about the final work of art.  

The story of Tattoo People goes back many years to Seoul, South Korea when Khan J opened his first studio in the heart of Hongdae, the artistic centre of the capital city.  Shortly after, he opened a second studio in his hometown, Busan.  At that time, tattooing was still very underground and not accepted by the general population.  Although the world of tattooing has opened up tremendously, it still remains illegal in South Korea.  After meeting his wife, Jaclyn, the pair decided to make the big move to Canada and opened Tattoo People Toronto in June 2014.  Since coming here, they have had some amazing artists from all over the world join the family and they couldn't be happier to share their passion.